With hands as strong as her accent and a touch as gentle as                                       her heart Joandra Sierra is an artist in the Healing Art of                                             Massage Therapy.  A massage with Joandra, and you are                                           spoiled for life.  To her you are not a client, but family, a                                             guest in her Las Vegas Massage Center.
                                    Joandra has worked for the past 14 years with athletes as                                           well as with people suffering from chronic back and neck                                            pains and migraines. Also, those just wanting to improve
                                    their posture and or just relax.  I love doing deep tissues massages and I enjoy helping others.

In my free time I enjoy walking meditation, nature, learning about Taoism wisdom and philosophies and of course as a good Cuban I love to dance and smile. I keep myself in top mental and physical health.

About Joandra Sierra
Massage Therapy Really Works..The benefits of massage therapy are endless.  Massage Therapy can help you with;

Removal and elimination of toxin
Detox and boosting body cleansing
Back Pain/Sciatic Pain
Arm and Shoulder Pain
Leg and Hip Pain
Neck Stiffness
Numbness in arms, hands
Muscle Tension Stress
Insomnia /Sleeping Problems
Sport Injuries

How Can We Help You!
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